Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How the Turner Center for the Arts Enriches Creative Communities

An experienced psychiatrist practicing in New York City, Dr. Susan Turner uses a wide range of therapeutic strategies in her holistic approach in treating clients’ mental health challenges. In addition to her professional activities, Dr. Susan Turner is an enthusiastic supporter of the arts and is involved with the Turner Center for the Arts, which was created and funded by her family. 

Founded in memory of beloved community member and art lover Annette Howell Turner, the Turner Center for the Arts occupies a 17,000 square foot space in downtown Valdosta, Georgia. Within this expansive venue are six galleries filled with pieces by regional and national artists, as well as two permanent collections showcasing East African art and fine antique porcelain pieces from Europe. In addition to serving the residents of Valdosta, the center also provides opportunities for surrounding communities in nearby Georgia counties and northern Florida to experience, learn about, and appreciate the arts.

The Turner Center for the Arts introduces visitors to the wonder and inspiration of artistic creativity in a number of unique ways, with performances and exhibitions ranging from traveling art shows to Broadway-style musical shows. The nonprofit gallery partners with schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to support the arts throughout the region, regularly promoting fellow galleries, theater groups, and public art initiatives. 

The center also reaches out to aspiring artists, offering over 200 educational courses per year, as well as a number of lectures and gallery talks. For more established artists hoping to showcase their work, the center features regular contests and exhibitions such as the annual Spring Into Art event, which carries a generous cash prize. 

In addition to celebrating the arts, the center supports its community by serving as a venue for a variety of events. It has hosted business meetings, wedding receptions, and charity events, and it operates a shop where visitors can purchase handmade wares by local artists and jewelers.

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